Renginys įvyko“Ana Karenina“, Balletto di Milano (Italija)


President and Artistic Director Carlo Pesta

The Company

Ambassador of Italian dance with its extraordinary performances worldwide, the Ballet of Milan is regarded as one of the most compelling Italian cultural phenomena of the highest artistic level. Supported by MIBAC (Ministry for Cultural Activities), based in Milan, in Italy, the Company collaborates with all the most prestigious theatres, lyrical foundations and dance festival where it gets always great success.

The Ballet of Milan is directed by Carlo Pesta and over the years of its history, the Company has worked with famed dancers (such as Carla Fracci, Denys Ganio, Grazia Galante, Ruben Celiberti, Luciana Savignano, Oriella Dorella, Raffaele Paganini...) and world-known choreographers as Giorgio Madia, Teet Kask, Micha van Hoecke.

All Ballet of Milan dancers are graduated from the best dance academies as Accademia La Scala (Milano), Vaganova (St. Petersburg), Ecole Superiore de Cannes, Cranko Schule (Stuttgart), Staatsoper Berlin Ballet Schule, Academie Princess Grace (Montecarlo).

All Ballet di Milan productions are realized in a particular “Milano Style” that it means design and fashion (also for sets and costumes by Armani, Versace, Bianchi, Veratti, Max Mara, Evelegance), while the neoclassical and modern choreographies always present important musical and cultural characteristics.

In 2018 the ballet Anna Karenina, under the aegis of the Italian Embassies in Finland and Estonia , was represented in Helsinki and in Tallinn where the performance was part of the celebrations for the 100 th anniversary of the Republic.

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