Renginys įvykoAURA 29: Ben J Riepe „Untitled: Persona“


Untitled: Persona focuses our view on the dialectic relationship of the body as a bearer

of meaning and a projection surface, as well as a blank sheet of paper and an image of

a complexly describable individuality. Through different aesthetics of body

transformations or levels of supercharging of the body, from stylized to animalistic, an

altering picture puzzle of bodies is created in five chapters.  In continually changing

arrangements of bodies, objects, costumes and music, the equipment of the senses is

sharpened, the relation between observer and observed is re-discussed over and over

and the boundaries between image and dance, subject and object, performer and

observer, performing- and visual arts are dissolved. The stage becomes an atmospheric

resonance space as an interacting movement arrangement, a visual landscape. From

static images, roles, enrolments, views and (de-)formations grows a material aesthetic

mimicry, a kaleidoscope of glances, a tableau vivant of bodies, landscapes and

mindsets. Thereby, a colorful examination is evoked, which operates with the surmise

as a sensitive prestage of comprehension in a playful and concretely spatial manner.

Anonsas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0GUnrntFs0

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