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First time in Lithuania !!!

“Skin the color of bark. Clothes smelling like trees.” The classic LP ‘All in The Circle’ spawned the viral hit ‘Mark’ and 3 years after release it continues to be featured in racing, gaming, sports and dance videos. The spread online has propelled SHAHMEN around the world with over 40M streams and 1M shazaam followers.

The new album ‘California is Cold’ is their biggest success to date, charting in the Top 200 albums in 15 countries. The iconic music videos for Black Flowers & Poison have taken fans through the alleys of Tokyo to the deserts of California, making The Poison World Tour the next step for SHAHMEN to ascend to hip-hop royalty. With haunting melodies and heavy drums, carried by the once in a lifetime voice of rapper, BLESS, SHAHMEN embark on their first World Tour. Like the raspy growl of a wolf, this Black Cowboy has a flow as deep and dark as the stories woven in his lyrics.

New album "Bad Dream Catcher" is to be released by group on 13th of October and will take the listeners into a unique journey lead by Bless.

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