Renginys įvykoFestivalis „Nepatogus kinas“ / Mėlynoji Novalio rožė


Mėlynoji Novalio rožė

Brazilija | 2018 | 70 min. | S

Režisieriai: Gustavo Vinagre, Rodrigo Carneiro

Operatorius: Bruno Risas

Montažas: Rodrigo Carneiro

Prodiuseriai: Gustavo Vinagre, Rodrigo Carneiro

Kalba: portugalų

Subtitrai: lietuvių, anglų

The film is Marcelo’s invitation to visit his house. He starts by making coffee and casually recollecting a date or two. But soon this talk between him and the camera leads to much more important matters: such as the unfinished novel about a blue rose by Novalis or the benefits sitting in milk after sex. As Marcelo opens up, visions of his stories come alive and we see a fictitious account that might be more honest than the real story.

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